Why isn't Thresh out yet?

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Dumb comments like oh wait yours? Yeah! I'd agree.
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This topic is now about Portal 2 Turrets.


I prefer open Hot Rod personally.
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Never played Portal 2 :c
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Why does it even matter? His IP cost is a stupid 7800 for the first week
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mystermandragon posted...
Da_KloWn posted...
Of course I know this isn't Riot, but some have the basic knowledge of these releases. Rude comments make you guys look tough btw.

it does, doesnt it? Sankyu

and dumb comments make u seem dumb, funny how it works.

Next time you plan to troll someone for making a dumb post, you should probably avoid trying to be "unique", but failing miserably.
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dark_lord_havoc posted...
Why does it even matter? His IP cost is a stupid 7800 for the first week

you say stupid, I say its to prevent auto locks of "omg guyz its k I know how to do this"

--->0-8 by end of laning.
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FYI he's out now
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Yes, Happy now ^.^
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