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4 years ago#1
So I have a team that is going to be in a tournament held at my university and we lack a name. Apparently we are all really bad at coming up with names so I'm leaving it to you gamefaqs! Help me come up with a team name (preferably one that spells out a clever acronym)! IGN: DrewDaDruid
4 years ago#2
I joined a tournament and all I got was this lame name
IGN: Bobemmo
4 years ago#3
I think that's too long lol IGN: DrewDaDruid
4 years ago#4
film actors guild
Thanks Jesus my buddy
4 years ago#5
French United Connection Kingdom
gibe moni pls
Add me I'm good. ign Schmelton
4 years ago#6
Legends of League of Legends
gibe moni pls
Add me I'm good. ign Schmelton
4 years ago#7
Rihoof pls
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4 years ago#8
All Yordles Are Belong to Us
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4 years ago#9
Just pick something that applies to you and your team. Like a favorite food or something stupid like that.

Me and my friends had a team called PB Fluff.
LoL - Jokmor
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4 years ago#10
well try to give us something to work off of u want something funny or something serious?

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