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4 years ago#1
The Box

If any of you get said reference, you win the Internet.
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4 years ago#2
Implying it isn't a SE7EN reference.
4 years ago#3
4 years ago#4
4 years ago#5
If it's not about Firefly, or Orson Scott Card, you don't win the internets.
4 years ago#6
implying it isn't a -insert something that makes sense to me- reference

it's a relatively generic name that could be referencing a billion things
4 years ago#7
It's more of a reference from Metal Gear where Metal Gear hides in a box where wolves pee on it, and makes him smell horrible.
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4 years ago#8
That was the best thing I've ever saw

Definitely worth that $500 ish donation
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4 years ago#9
Best Final Fantasy Contenders...

Die Hard
The Box
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4 years ago#10
It's an obvious Alice in Chains reference.
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