This is a topic dedicated to all the scumbag master yi players

#11BhelliumPosted 1/25/2013 12:03:59 AM
So i was getting pressed hard in solo top vs duo top lane, right? Wukong vs MF+Cho for some reason.
Their jungle is camping me hard so it's basically 3v1. Still don't get a kill off me as I'm W baiting and Q/E farming almost solely. Our jungle Yi is NOWHERE.

Creeps push to our tower, MF+Cho are at full health but low mana so i'm sitting there going YES SAFE FARM FINALLY... Yi comes out of the jungle and alpha strikes them.

Now the enemies were at full health and he came from our side, so it's not like Yi was defending tower or thinking he could get a gank.
****er just pushed my lane and stole my cs.

To think I defended his kind.
Yi<Teemo, there, i said it.
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