It Literally is impossible to get out of elo hell without luck

#1firepyro121Posted 1/24/2013 10:41:43 PM
Im stuck, i can go 19-4-13 in a game and still lose. I even had a game start out 5v4, bc the other team had an mia. We lost because two of my teamtes went afk, making it a 3v4 in ranked. How is that even possible? I decided to gank and give my teamates the kills so they wouldnt feed. Just ganked as mid and gave xin at top a free kill without taking one hit, and he proceeds to go 1-11-2 at the end of the game... I almost broke 1000 elo, then got a 4 game loss streak where 4 games i had an mia player on my team
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Get destroyed.
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xRustySpoon posted...

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Clearly above posters are worthless. It is possible to carry out of elo hello, but at one point (the point you're at now) you have to carry SUPER hard. Mid works, but only if you tank every 2 min. Otherwise, play top and dominate and roam for the win or adc your way to win and dominate
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The number... Q
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there is no such thing a luck, TC

just statistics taken personally
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