It Literally is impossible to get out of elo hell without luck

#21Sarick_LyrePosted 1/24/2013 11:22:23 PM
19-4-13. Majority of kills could have been on low impact targets who were already feeding giving very few gold. All those deaths were probably trades that didn't need to happen and probably were huge blows to your team. Shutdown gold and lengthy respawn times preventing you from having an impact in the game are huge issues to your team.

I've seen a lot of fed people throw the game with bad engagements and blame their team for it.

Just an example if you kill a level 14 support who is 0/5/ as a level 18 with a 10/0/ score you've just made an extra 50 gold for yourself and the enemy team has just made around 750 gold (the same as a tower kill by the way). Plus their respawn timer is probably around 25-30 and yours is 50. So they've just made a tower's worth in gold from your death alone, and ontop of that they have the motion to take dragon/towers. If they got one extra tower and a dragon ontop of your death thats 2,450 gold for their team.

When you're fed the one with the most potential to throw the game is you.
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I still don't think its possible, I was 3-0 against my lane in the first 10-15 minutes, and then he goes bottom, i call mia, then I see he goes through MY WARD that i placed at dragon, so i yellow ping bottom, and he goes in and gets a triple kill. All that work to get to 3-0 and my team throws it away. After that my team said it was my fault that they died because kass is my lane, even though I had killed him and he came back and went straight to bottom. They then said to report me.