dat late game Hec

#1Shadow_King56Posted 1/25/2013 12:50:17 PM
The last time I played Hec was when I first started playing LoL almost a year ago and I hated him. I decided to give him another shot as a jungler this time, and my God he is a late game killing machine. His early game was pretty bad and all my ganks resulted in my death, went 1-5. But once I hit 15 I was unstoppable and ended up 12-7. Is there a better (non-fed) late gamer?
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He's a very under-rated character, his late game is really strong.
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Hec has always had a bad early game but he cant still gank successfully. Your ganks that ended in death are not that he's bad. But yeah hecarim snowballs pretty well. With IBG and SV he gets pretty stupid. After that i usually buy a warmogs or something. Depending on situation.
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Hecarim's ganks are great. If you die, that's more your fault than Hecarim being bad.
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I double killed a Volibear and someone else under their nexus turrets with just an IBG and Spirit of the Elder Lizard once. It was really funny, and then Volibear of all people raged about my one million percent life steal.
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#7darkman95Posted 1/25/2013 1:12:58 PM
I tried building a pure life steal build and it was just stupid, with SV and BT alone I was recovering nearly all my health with every hit
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If you're doing good early, try building a Hydra. Hilarious dueling skills.
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