Want to trade Human Ryze skin..

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4 years ago#51
Hi. I was wondering if the Human Ryze skins are still available.
4 years ago#52
Yes, to anyone that asked I still do have TWO codes left!
4 years ago#53
Jay_Xee posted...
StrategyWikiped posted...
Jay_Xee posted...
JaggiJumper posted...
Jay_Xee posted...
Gave him a code for PAX Sivir, removed me from his list without swapping. Ah well, only 6 codes left =]

Welp, I guess I won't be giving him the money for the skin as discussed (until he gives you human ryze)

How much would you be willing to sell PAX Sivir skins for?

I'm honestly not sure, I don't really know their value as I got them as part of a trade for other stuff. Need to do some research on them =].

You're being a very rude individual, you know. If you don't have something, and you wanna barter, make your own topic. Don't waste this guy's time. He's been very nice.

Don't really understand how he's being nice, since he took my code and ran off with it lol.

Nevertheless, I'm not too bothered :)

Please leave my topic. I told you it didnt work and you knew it. Offered me a Singed skin instead. Please troll elsewhere.
4 years ago#54
Well if you want something gifted on steam, I'd be willing to gift something for one. If interested, just add me on steam or league some time: cuddlecupcake
PSN/LoL IGN: cuddlecupcake GC IGN: darrin
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4 years ago#55
TC is legit, he showed me that he doesnt have the pax sivir skin on his account so the guy who called him out on being a scammer is lying
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4 years ago#56
May i have your email address and can it be possible to reserve those two skins for me. It is a definite possibility that i can get you 2 pax Sivir codes in a few weeks.
4 years ago#57
In fact i might be able to get you 2 pax sivir skins in 2 weeks tops.
4 years ago#58
add me on skype @ RMNesbitt

looking for Human Ryze, thanks
4 years ago#59
My skype is: lil_kevin96
I really need you to reply back to my messages as soon as possible.
4 years ago#60
sent a PM
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