Hit me with your best "This person took a long time to load" jokes

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Loadin the game off of 346 floppies again aye?

Actually it would generally take many more than 346 floppies to load this game. If you were loading it into the ram from the floppies you would need varied amounts that range from the lowly 8-inch: IBM 23FD with a paltry amount of 79.5 KB of space all the way to the massive 3 1/2-inch LS-240 carrying, you guessed it, 240 MB.

The one you are all probably familiar with is the 3 1/2-inch HD with 1.44 MB.

Now with it being about 4.2 GB... well we should break that up into a smaller format....

4300.8 MB
1258291 KB

Now for each of those three formats you would need the following amount of discs.

15828 8-inch: IBM 23FD discs.
2987 3 1/2-inch HD discs.
18 3 -inch LS-240 discs.

If you wanted to say 431 floppy discs that would be closer to the truth since you could load it off of 5 1/4-inch Perpendicular 10 MB discs.

And that doesn't include space needed for burn spanning.
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I just want to post after the guy who calculated the number of floppies it would take to load this game :3
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Did anyone else graduate while waiting for [name] to load?
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I don't understand any of those calculations.
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From: _equivocal_ | #062
I just want to post after the guy who calculated the number of floppies it would take to load this game :3

=3 I was extremely bored and it was very fun haha.
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People still run Windows 95 these days?

Gotta say these jokes hit me hard when I was playing on my laptop. Thing loaded slower than ANYTHING. So I invested in a good gaming comp on NewEgg and now I'm usually the first one to summon :3
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What has the biggest impact on load times?

1) Enough ram to directly load the game, I would argue that this is more important than either the CPU or drive speed but it's arguable and I've never done any actual testing.

2) Cpu and drive speed in actually loading the game, this is where something like an overclocked i7 3770k with an OCZ Vertex 4 will beat out a stock clock i3 2100s running on some gimpy 5400rpm 3.5" drive.
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I love how every person in this thread that said the jokes were bad had no jokes of their own to post.
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"Time to shovel in some more coal.."
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