does anyone ACTUALLY play in locked screen

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g-cube_masta posted...
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*raises hand*


Swain is disappointed in you.

1000 games with locked camera Swain/Kennen. I can't switch now I'm 2legit2quit. Also its because my frames drop to like 5 when the camera moves l0l
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I play locked. I watch my map and click on the map if i need more vision. This game isn't so hard than I need an unlocked camera so far. They provide me with enough to see all over the map. Moving my cam isn't going to clear any of the fog of war so...
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This might seem crazy to some people, but sometimes I play with just the mouse and an unlocked screen.

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zeppelin312 posted...
I actively switch between locked and unlocked with spacebar

Best post in the thread. gj.
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I never unlock the screen simply because i absolutely despise RTS. And locked camera makes me feel like i'm playing a 3rd person action game.