destroyed destiny as vi mid on stream AMA

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who dat?

Big SC2 pro who tried to (poorly) transition to League.

he wasn't really "pro" at SC2

he was a popular streamer for his personality, not his skills. he never beat any of the top players

He beat bomber.
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well destiny realizes he gets more viewers in solo queue than actual pro players so why would he work on being a better player and not work on being a better entertainer

people come for the show it's like watching pro wrestling instead of a real sport
"The Lakers traded their picks for a 40 year old hobgoblin." - bond21
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yeah like destiny on his stream is talking about girls getting a lot of views when they stream and he said

"why do you come to my stream it isn't to watch high elo play I'm not even close to being good at this game but you come here because I call people [a bundle of sticks] and say naughty words and make jokes and stuff. so that's what i work on doing when i stream but for a girl why wouldnt you have a webcam and wear a pushup bra and talk about sex and your boobs and all that. you just do what you can to market yourself because that is what allows you to get more viewers and make more money. it's basic stuff."

something along those lines.
"The Lakers traded their picks for a 40 year old hobgoblin." - bond21