how do you build a cho gath? AP? With HP? Or need because of ult?

#11RubyscopePosted 1/26/2013 5:49:41 PM
Rush sunfire hue
#12FreshSushiPosted 1/26/2013 5:55:06 PM

Build w/e else you want
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JackDaniels1964 posted...
Build Cho with AD, i did it once against bots and got 6/2/14, it's pretty good score, so i consider it to be a working build

You died twice against bots?

Anyway, I usually build a bunch of items that give both AP and tanky stuff. Rod of Ages and Abyssal Scepter both give a good amount of AP and bulk. Then, go with Deathcap if you want more damage or things like Warmogs and Randuins if you want more defense.

Oh and stacking HP is usually best for any champ due to how cheap it is compared to Armor and MR and the fact that there's so much Armor and Magic Pen running around.
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