What's wrong with Syndra?

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For those of you who have a hard on for Syndra and think she's so good, I'd like you all to explain what she offers that makes her viable in competitive play.

Oh wait you can't.

I rest my case your honour, now don't buy her.

at level 18
Syndra has 7s aoe stun/knock back
ability to cast spell while moving (only other exception is viktor's laser)
2.4s 265 (.69 ap ratio) aoe spell
240 base damage 3.5s slow
and 1260 (1.4 ap ratio) based ult
Oh and froggen/scarra/xpeke have said many times that syndra is top 3 ap mids in the game

played ranked just for that screw your highest 1708 elo I hit 1711
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Range is too low to melt important targets late without getting blown up herself.

Her mid game is quite strong though, people underestimate an aoe stun on a low-ish cooldown.

"b-but you can ult their tank to kill them late xDD"

I'd rather play someone who can offer better things.
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Hm, thanks for all of the responses, although I am more uncdecided than ever now xD I think I might just buy her and Orianna and find out who I like best... I had tried Orianna when she was free and liked her, but I had no idea what I was doing. I feel like Syndra would be even worse to learn.
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I've explained this before. A lot of people try to defend Syndra in odd ways. She is decent but for every situation there is a better champ.

Her Q has decent scaling and good range but takes awhile to appear. If they get boots early and move properly it can be very hard to land outside of slowing them.

Her W is forecasted more than a midwest hurricane. Then know its coming because you spent 1 second picking something up and then you get to chuck it overhand. It is so easy to dodge this move. It has amazing range and good scaling but is useless if it can't hit.

Her E is great for getting out of ganks from melee. The stun is a 50/50 against anyone competent at best.

Her R is her best move as it lets you get stuns because of so many orbs. It has slightly larger than a standard radial range and hits like a bus if you have some orbs out. Its hard to get this off with more than 1 orb in lane because they'll see it coming. This move is great for getting a surprise kill at 6.

Her entire kit is basically countered by proper spacing and movement habits. Additionally you can't take her into draft because she doesn't directly counter anything and can easy be counter picked.

tldr; she is a decent champ but doesn't fill any role.
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