Should I get Mordekaiser or Diana?

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User Info: Impurity_

4 years ago#1
Should I get Mordekaiser or Diana based on which skillsets are more fun?
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User Info: FFchampion

4 years ago#2
Gotta give Diana the love here.
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User Info: viperesque

4 years ago#3
What do you find more fun? Farming everything everywhere and jumping on the carry with your team for a quick 6v4, or jumping into the fight and trying not to immediately explode?
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User Info: kaysa13

4 years ago#4
Diana. Assassins are generally the bosses of mids today, especially AP assassins.
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User Info: Asteraf

4 years ago#5
I love them both, but props go to Morde for the sheer fact that's he's insanely fun to play. Diana is a lot of fun too, but she's not on same tier as Morde for me.
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User Info: Knight_Of_Order

4 years ago#6
Morde is mediocre right now, fun pubstomper though. Diana is great right now after her latest buffs, she'll problably make a comeback soon.
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User Info: Shadow Edge

Shadow Edge
4 years ago#7
They're both fun in different ways, but I prefer Morde.

User Info: Kevman510

4 years ago#8
Morde turns teamfights into a 4 v 6.
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