What were some old builds that used to work for characters that don't work now?

#11Shadow EdgePosted 1/28/2013 12:46:47 AM
Sunfire stacking

AP Garen
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GameFreakJake posted...
Pure AP Amumu used to be silly back when both his toss and ult had 1.0 ratios.

still stupid
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AP alistar a long long time ago
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Try_Harder_Nubz posted...
AP alistar a long long time ago

Back in the day I wanted him to have a mage skin where he was wearing a Wizard hat and Robe.
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Knight_Of_Order posted...
braiel91 posted...
is ap rengar still a thing or did it get nerfed into oblivion?

Nerfed into oblivion. Full tank Morde used to be a thing.

And then people realized that full tank morde was stupid and AP morde did a crap ton of damage while not ever dieing with a bit of spell vamp.
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Hybrid lots of people.

Hybrid builds still work on... dunno... two or three champs now? And even then it's almost always better to go pure AD or AP.
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ap trynd
1k aoe nuke with no CD
press q full heal with no stacks
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Hextech revolver stacking.
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