What were some old builds that used to work for characters that don't work now?

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Dualitypain posted...
And then people realized that full tank morde was stupid and AP morde did a crap ton of damage while not ever dieing with a bit of spell vamp.

Full Tank Morde wasn't stupid. There was nothing better than wading into the entire enemy team and never dying while ruining everyone's lives with constant AoE damage.

Also, it was way before spell vamp was a thing, and before everyone and their mother had some sort of kiting or escape mechanism.
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Was anyone around when they had that nasus bug? I'd really like to see a 100 ap nasus destroy teams.
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mobility boot ap sion mid
Ap alistar mid
Tabi + 5 gunblade jax
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Sunfire Garen

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Having 2 or more philo stones. Never get harrased in lane. Never lose mana. Get mad money. It was pretty op. Have like 50hp per 5 . Try harassong that at like lvl 4