Giving away a free Riot K-9 Nasus code

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3 years ago#21
LoL: Peeeks
3 years ago#22
Because I hate Nasus, and I doubt this skin would make me want to play him except when I'm in ARAM.

Oh wait...
LoL: UpToSixteen
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3 years ago#23
NA, and I'll still suck your ****
3 years ago#24
I am on a server located within the northern regions of a land known as America.
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3 years ago#25
Because I live in frickin Venezuela where everything sucks and you get guns pointed at you all the time and I will never be able to purchase any RP due to strict government restrictions on currency conversion from bolivares to dollars and I will also never be able to attend any events where these kinds of codes are given out.

Look it up if you want.

Oh yeah, NA server here.
3 years ago#26
I've been playing Nasus top forever on the NA server but never gotten his skins because the Riot skin was my favorite :(

Good luck to everyone,
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is when it smacks you right in the face."- Bane- "In Pieces"
3 years ago#27
my bro loves nasus and he is sleeping right now and will probably not see this topic, so for him. also NA server.
3 years ago#28
Hex, I have your children.

Yes. Yes, that's it. Look around. Look around your secluded room. You figured they were nestled tightly in their beds and their chinny chin chins were protected by your false sense of security? Think again. Play time is over.

I have men at the back door. They can see you, but you cannot see them. If you even think about moving from your seat I will destroy you. I will destroy your life. I will destroy what's most important. Yes, that's right. I will blow up the GameFAQs servers. I will not rest until the debris from them scatter the streets like insects running away from children's feet or a mouse ever so delicately trying to avoid the snake knowing any move could be his last.

You are the mouse. You are the ant below me. I decide what happens now, Hex. Years and years...brought to a sudden halt.

I see you. Oh yes, I see you. Why is it that you were about to cut the Internet connection? Did you want it to die? Sure, you snipped a little bit of it but not enough to make the pain go away. Only two things could come from that. You either wanted to cut the Internet connection to see your demise were seeking attention. Well, Hex, if you want to win this game then the key is to heed my instructions. Or else your servers will pay for it.

It's rather simple really. Like sheep following the herd you have to give me the Riot Nasus code. Post it in this topic. I will give you until 5 p.m. eastern time to do this. It is 6:30 a.m. as I type this. Tick. Tock. You hear that? It's the sound of inevitability. The sound of hope glowing dimmer. Waiting to be extinguished.

Play my game, Hex. Yes. Play it. One thing though...this do not want to lose. I assure you.
LoL: Ecchi Baka/TheGreatestBaka (
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3 years ago#29
I'll hunt down KloudtheYoukai, and bring you and your family to safety first , then check the skin ingame.

You're welcome.
3 years ago#30
because he was the 1st champion i ever bought :P (EUNE)
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