You should never buy Lucidity boots on an AP mid!! Here is why!!

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You're stating it wrong.

100% of their max HP is literally all of their HP.

Hence why I'm still laughing at what you said.

I don't know how many times I have to explain this.

Max HP < Effective HP when resistances are positive. Hence why you can deal someone's max HP worth of magic damage to them and have them not be dead.

If someone has 100 MR, then their Effective HP = 2 * Max HP. If you have 100 mpen, then their effective HP is reduced by 100% of their max HP.

ie. Reduced Effective HP = Effective HP - (mpen/100) * Max HP = 2 * Max HP - Max HP = Max HP

When the final value of Effective HP equals their Max HP, you're doing effectively true damage.
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Swiftness boots are best boots.
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mattislegion posted...
Swiftness boots are best boots.

Swiftness boots too swift.
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This guy is in an elo where junglers still give blue buff to the mid laner.


I usually take blue for myself as I only trust my carrying abilities and not randoms in solo queue

Everyone does these days. Xj9 popularized it when he became the #1 rated player on NA by never giving a single buff to anyone on his team, ever, and carrying every single game.

He's a damn good player, but he's such a tool when he makes a mistake. I watched his steam for an hour last night and couldn't believe the way he acted.

He runs into a 1v3. "Lux sucks."
He initiates a terrible fight. "Lux sucks."
He gets outplayed and dies for it. "Lux sucks."