time spent dead mastery plus time spend dead quints plus revive plus revive cd =

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Friendly reminder to get karma on your alts
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a really fun Karthus.
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But everyone on GameFAQs is 40000 elo and never dies.
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= wasted masteries, quints, and summoner

She's a few cards short of a full deck: a joker in the game, ooh.
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I strongly believe that this is super op lategame if all members of a team get it.
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^^^ he speaks truth
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more time spent dead since you're losing every exchange and end up underfarmed at best

Good Hands is a great one-point mastery though... saves towers, gets you a bit of exp that would otherwise be lost at tower, one of the strongest masteries after 30 minutes.
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themagicpainman posted...
But everyone on GameFAQs is 40000 elo and never dies.