Mid laners should give up blue if jungler is underleveled.

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Danger_Close posted...
i hardly ever need blue since i usually play swain or malz mid and they both have easy ways to regain mana

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you say "give up" like it's not the junglers choice. Smite pretty good! :D
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Habnot posted...
Danger_Close posted...
i hardly ever need blue since i usually play swain or malz mid and they both have easy ways to regain mana


last hitting for swain and killing anything with e give you a decent amount of mana
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lvl99link posted...
I don't see how mana is a problem for most if any mids. You should be building some form of mana sustain first item. Anyone with an RoA, tear, or chalice doesn't need mana. Also if you are ryze, annie, or veigar you don't need blue.
Karthus, anivia, or Orianna are the only champs I love to give blue to.

In fact as Zyra, I have to tell people to never ping me to blue during the game or they will rage on me for not taking it.
On the other hand, mana dependent junglers like sejuani, xin zhao, and thresh, are vastly superior in their ganks than non dependents. So when I am mid I prefer my jungler to have blue, and when I am jungling I prefer to have blue.

Really bro? Is that your logic? Because they have tons of mana they don't need blue? Wrong. Blue buff also comes with CDR. If you give your mid Ryze blue at the 7, 12 ,17 minute respawns, any decent Ryze will have his tear filled up by the 20 minute mark. Do you know how much damage this gives ryze for hte mid game? All the while have a Muramana and other HP/Mana items. I don't understand people on this board.

So what you are telling me is that you don't rock CDR rune or masteries, you don't buy any of the CDR items, and you can't tolerate waiting off the 10% cdr of overload plus the QWQEct combo cooldown reduction? You can stack a tear with ryze probably the fastest in the game without blue. Instead you want to deny the jungle the buff that allows them nonstop ganks, the most neutral mob exp in the game, and 3 siege minions worth of gold? Really?
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The problem is when the enemy mid gets blue and you don't.
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From: anilEhilated | #035
The problem is when the enemy mid gets blue and you don't.

In that same sense though, our team should be watching the junglers and their lanes mana to see if they should go on the offensive instead of just avoidance.

Aside from that, giving the blue to your mid just promotes skill spamming which isn't good for anyone. The team I play with will capitalize on things like that and punish.
Not to mention if my jungler gets blue and sees a mid lane with blue, he puts priority on removing that buff from the enemy mid.

It's all about how your team reacts to giving jungler blue. There are always occasions when blue is better given to mid, but in that same sense, I feel like it should stay in the jungler's hands.
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POkemon_PoWeR posted...
I don't understand why mid laners can't last 5 minutes conserving their mana efficiently so their jungler can gain levels. I give up the second blue sometimes because my jungler is leave 4-5 while I'm 6-7-8 just so they can be more efficient during ganks.

"Conserving mana" against a mid laner whose jungler was not awful won't happen. They will get pushed out. That's a huge free stat advantage for the opponent.
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I mean if your jungler requires blue, then the mid laner shouldn't be picking someone who is blue dependent, and vice versa. Everytime I know the jungler needs blue, I'd pick someone who doesn't really need the regen/cdr, like Veigar,Karthus,Kat, Vlad, etc.
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Mids overestimate the use of Blue buff. Nobody needs it at all, if you're not stupid with your mana. Then again, lots of mids have a mindset of, "oh the enemy's in range. I know, I'll use all my f****** cooldowns! Oh, he's in range again. Cast ALL the abilities!"
I'm talking about things like Lux players who unnecessarily shoot their shield in the enemy's direction even though they're in no danger of counterattack, or Ziggs players who randomly throw in their satchel even though there's no way of detonating it before the enemy moves away. In games where people know what they're doing (like 70% of ranked games I'd say), the Jungler can perma-have both buffs throughout the game.
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The thing is, if you give blue buff to a mid laner who's already winning lane, he can do the ganking for you. You can then focus on counter jungling and farming while doing the occasional 3-4 man gank with your mid laner.

If my mid laner is not doing too hot and doesn't ask for the buff, I just take the buff unless I'm using a champion that barely benefits from it, in which case I will give it to him unless I have feeling that he will feed it.
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