hmmm it's valentine's day and u just started a rank game but ur gf really wants

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Will u stay ma BF?!


i cry evrytim :(((((
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vermillion719 posted...
If it's Valentine's Day and I have a girlfriend, I wouldn't be starting any games of League in the first place.

Even if I did, I'd be with a girl who is already very well aware of how League works and is okay with letting me finish the game, even if she doesn't play. I will never date a girl who can't accept and understand that I'm a gamer, and what that entails.

If she's not cool with it, that's fine, she can leave so I can find someone better...once I'm done with that game.

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I've already discussed Valentine's with my girlfriend. I doubt we're doing candlelit dinner; she really wants to go see Die Hard.

Even so, I'd just tell her to wait a bit, it's not the first time. She'd probably play Dark Souls or Civ V to pass the time.
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food is a better motivator than League.
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Joke's on you, I don't have a GF.
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Tony2Cap posted...
i usually just say "its okay baby, for every min im late youll get an extra orgasm" only a problem when i hit the 25min late mark, then i need to buy a energy drink

lmao go tony
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