"It's not possible to support out of elo hell"

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Voidgolem posted...
From: Lord Grahf | #015
Yes, but that's your own problem. Don't blame your laners or say jungling isn't effective because just because you're a bad jungler. That's like me saying you can't play top lane and carry at low Elo because I'm a terrible top laner.

I will blame my laners when they spend approximately 95% of the game humping the enemy turret.

They don't always do that, granted, and the times they don't, hey, easy wins for the jungle. Which is largely why I was batting 50% before changing over to supporting.

It's just...they do. A lot.

Here's how good this XJ9 person is.

He's on blue, all lanes pushed the enemy to turret. He walks over to the overextended lane and walks out with a dead lane opponent. 15/0 by 20 minutes and the enemy team surrenders because they know turret hugging can't save them from this 2500 elo smurf that figured out the secret to killing turret huggers.
This but unironically.