Lunar Festival Revealed. All the info on the upcoming Chinese New Year

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8 Days Extravaganza
Play more and get rewarded! For 8 days, summoners will get rewarded for playing. IP and RP are up for grabs as we prepare to usher in the New Year with dazzling fireworks and brand new skins. From the 29th of January till the 5th of February, summoners that play at least 28 minutes of game each day will get an 88IP Ang Bao and if you complete the quest for all 8 days, you will get 88RP! (So if you play 28 minutes of game for all 8 days, you will get 88x8=704 IP and 88 RP on 6th Feb!!) Good luck and good fortune!

GIfting has returned:
In the Lunar Revel 2013, the gifting center is back!

From 4 Feb to 24 Feb, you will able to buy skins and champions (RP only) as a token of friendship to your friends in LoL! (Only new purchases. Already owned RP, skins, and champions cannot be gifted.)

New skins: (Already revealed)

New summoner icons:

Scroll of Snake Icon: Play a 5-man premade normal/ranked match (Summoner's Rift only)
Lunar Urf Icon: Gift a Lunar Revel skin.
Lunar Lantern Icon: Buy any amount of RP.
Runic Ang Bao Icon: To be announced later...

edit: post by Riotbluefire: I want to make it very clear that icons will not have the same requirements in Riot published regions (NA/EUW/EUNE/TR/BR/KR). I can't say more than that so stay tuned!

cool beans
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>88 rp

I mean I get that the only other themed option would be 880 which is way too much but like <_<

oh well free stuff is nice
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This for China only?
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Wait, does this mean that the Xin and J4 skins aren't being released with the event?
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Snake scroll icon is pretty nice looking!
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I'm so mad right now.
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Because ya know, Annie needs another skin.
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From: jats605 | #008
Because ya know, Annie needs another skin.

Yeah exactly! I'm glad you get it! c:
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Riot has said that the icons won't have the same qualifications in America.
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