Post your main subjects in college and I'll tell you which champion you play.

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Wouldn't sona have to use sign language to communicate if she is mute then?

I think you need a new major.
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The cosign of noobies (psycology) divided by (math for accounting)

I love when people insult psychology because they know nothing about it.

Try and understand the brain then get back to me.

Get a real major and get back to me. Must be hard taking all those courses in psychology that people in science and engineering take as electives

Also I am a mathematics major with a computer science minor

Haven't seen a "major" elitist since I was a sophomore. So I'm presuming you haven't even taken a math class worth a damn. Worse attitude than a Marine

Lol, complex analysis, linear alegbra, combinatorics, number theory, real analysis, differential equations, and Game theory must all be not worth a damn then.

I wasn't promoting my major so much as saying psychologists don't help for crap. Went to one several years back and they didn't help one bit

Uh yeah, most of those modules you listed barely extend past the first year of college for the average mathematics course. Cute.
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Aw Karmic left before I got here :/ anyways comparative religion bs with neuroscience minor now working on m. Div
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Computer Science with a minor in Business.
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