Which champions usually have the worst attitude players?

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Stalky24 posted...
Teemos and Olafs

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Also Talon and Wukong, but usually Lulu.
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Whoever I picked.
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I think this is a personal thing, and there are exceptions, but I cannot count how many Maokai have absolutely infuriated me in games.

And what's worse, they still carry more times than not, so I can't even justify my own anger.
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Akali players.
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Bhellium posted...

This, Every time I see a Master Yi on the loading screen, regardless whether if it's an ally or foe, it makes my right eyebrow twitch.
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ADC's in general seem to have bad attitudes I find.
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I have a hard time finding a pattern, bur Riven rings a bell, but sure trynd seems to have a jerk attraction, him or lux maybe...
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Kat, Kennen, Teemo, and Xin