Dyrus just bought spirit visage on malphite

#11Noblesse_Posted 1/30/2013 8:44:55 PM
Cause Warmogs + Spirit Visage is pretty much the standard now.
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MizunoRyuu posted...
No other item gives you Magic Resist, Health and CDR on one item. Malph benefits from all 3, and if he's building a Warmog too the regen synergizes nicely.

fair enough, i'd be going for a bulwark if i was him but hey, 1000 elo guy here

Depends on what you need. Bulwark is a great item item. But sometimes you need a ton of CDR from Visage and Frozen Heart.
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Warmog's + Visage is the new Warmog's + FoN... with 28 less MR, no movespeed, and a quarter of the regen. >:( Alas, no better alternatives anymore, even on someone like Malphite that doesn't particularly use SV passive much on his own.

The CDR is nice though.
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