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rito you have failed this communityRyozaki31134/20 8:50PM
You should be able to save up 3 first wins of a day like on Heroes of the storm.____poi94/20 8:47PM
Someone is streaming a Skype call with Sky going at it at UberDanger!kcbeliever74/20 8:44PM
6 losses in a row today (no win of the day for me)happyscrub184/20 8:31PM
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How many of you are casual players, and how many of you are more competitive? (Poll)DjHotness84/20 8:28PM
105+ Chimes the Dream
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ThunderCavalier154/20 8:19PM
The number one question that people asked me when they found out that I play lolTerrorknight324/20 8:16PM
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My application for tcs
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OhDrewlius264/20 8:07PM
Don't play ranked today
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Vikilla4V124/20 7:36PM
So what did they end up doing with Ryze's rework?Metal Gear Raxis24/20 7:32PM
Phylol calls Viktor's Q a tank killer...Metal Gear Raxis74/20 7:11PM
How well does Annie scale into the late game?
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Metal Gear Raxis404/20 6:57PM
I want so bad to touch Ahri's
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Mario_VS_DK414/20 6:52PM
So it's been 6 days since the last PBE update. Patch this week?
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scaler24214/20 6:44PM
League needs a Dwarf Champion.
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PraetorianGhost164/20 6:26PM
They should make a team called Team No Eyebrowsmistermikeymike74/20 6:21PM
Happy 4/20, gonna play nothing but Maokai today, jungle, top, mid, support...HagenEx44/20 6:15PM
Best skin: Day 7 Annie (Poll)ThunderCavalier74/20 6:10PM