was playing orianna

#1PrintScreenKeyPosted 2/1/2013 12:29:30 AM
Saw the recommended essential items "Tears of the goddess / Athene's unholy grail"...

...Thought for a second... ignored it
Got ROA and Deathcap
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#2sephiroth3703Posted 2/1/2013 1:02:09 AM
Athene's is a really good first item on her. Toyz did it consistently in World's and I did it the day after finals and got my first and only penta.

It constantly allows you to reposition with your Q, and the mana regen means she can outfarm and outpush Morgana.
#3aHappySackaPosted 2/1/2013 1:09:44 AM
Athene's not good anymore, RoA is a better substitute, you only get Athene's after the more core items like the death cap.
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more like death crap
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#5Kadabra025Posted 2/1/2013 8:21:28 AM
>Not getting the cdr and much needed mana regen on Ori
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