Oh League is down for maintenance, guess I'll play World of Warc-

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Biglabron posted...
Don't play wow?

Not like wow is in it's prime anyways. It's prime was BC content wise, its peak in popularity was LK.

Vanilla WoW or not worth it.
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go try out path of exile


I gave it a try while LoL was down, thats great.
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Higher your standards of viable games to play?

World of Warcraft still remains one of, if not -the- best MMO on the market, so I'm not sure what you're talking about.

If you wear a helmet. A challenge is not found here, in many aspects the game plays itself.
Which is good cause they hide their lack of players with paid multiboxers, rumor has it irvines main export is meth.

i find this believable.

Here is a story about it and how gwen stefani career is involved in it.


I thought the red was great as her millions of dollars have so much blood on them
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Play ffxi
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go play mahvel
whatever ridiculousness i've just posted, i swear to you, i'm not on drugs
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