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User Info: bobguydude1

4 years ago#31
Hitomoshi posted...
Teemo's Patriots

I hate Teemo...

i would quit if that was me. no joke.
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User Info: MMG_

4 years ago#32
J4's Elementalistststdv.
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User Info: TheSchref

4 years ago#33
Irelia's Booty

User Info: zeppelin312

4 years ago#34
Koggle's renegades

User Info: mutation10101

4 years ago#35
Ok, what is the point of these division names anyway?
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User Info: AC_Dragonfire

4 years ago#36
Fiddlestick's Corruptors. Think i'm the only one in this topic who's on there.

User Info: DarkestPanda

4 years ago#37
Galio's Highwaymen.
Guess what. Pandas are known to be incestual sex!

User Info: XcZeus3469

4 years ago#38
Sona's Sorcerers. My friend is in Shaco's Blackguards
"I read this as a Bannanable Offense. I was like, what ksing with Soraka?"-Kirby 1207

User Info: Vrrrooom

4 years ago#39
Leona's pearls :)

User Info: nyhustler208

4 years ago#40
lulu battlecasters

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