You now have to play 100% games on the champion in your bracket's name

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Gokotsu posted...
Being that I haven't even finished my placements, I don't have a bracket name.

Mmm for this one just assume a bracket and you must use that champion until you receive your true bracket after placement matches.
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SeaIntoTheSky posted...
mutation10101 posted...
Bracket name? Say what now?

Ex. your bracket name is "Riven's Zealots"
Now you must play Riven in all your games

_RaveMaster_ posted...
I never get to play since said champ is usually first ban.

You must dodge all games until you get said champion

angermngment101 posted...
From: SeaIntoTheSky | #001
How would you do now?

Dont own brand

You would have to play normals until you purchased said champion then mass ranked with them.

I meant what is with the bracket? Something new this patch?
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Karthus ult plz
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