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User Info: GujinKami

4 years ago#11
From: GoldenFantasy | #009
But Mundo's cc only works on one person. Sejuani can get 2-4.

That's her ult though, and Mummy does that better. Also, there's so many masteries and items that let you ignore slows.
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User Info: Darksteel

4 years ago#12
GujinKami posted...

Strong people are harder to kill than weak people, and more useful in general -Mark Rippetoe

User Info: shadowtemari

4 years ago#13
This was funny in S2 now its just karmic level.
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User Info: Bhellium

4 years ago#14
Rihawf posted...
Boaring joke is boaring.
Rework it now

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