What role do you absolutely HATE playing?

#71HyperShadow4321Posted 2/2/2013 10:03:49 AM
Arkhanoid posted...

Not only do I find it incredibly boring - I hate being focused down when at least 40% of my team are complete derps and do nothing to protect me.

This. I can think of so many times where someone engaged a team fight, I start dishing out damage and then suddenly everyone runs away and I get slaughtered by five people.

I've honestly never played jungle, but I'm still playing at a fairly low level (16) so there are several games where just... nobody seems to jungle. I guess its hated that much. I can't really blame anyone since I can't jungle either, but it puts you at a pretty distinct advantage when you've got two champions on top AND bottom lane (because everyone refuses to jungle), whereas the enemy has one top and a jungler. So then the enemy team (if they have a jungler) has a single person on top and then mid soaking up the experience from their lanes, while our two champions on top share experience... then before we know it the enemy team is way overleveled.
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adc, never play adc
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Mid. So many responsibilities and the easiest lane to get ganked in ._. I suck at roaming too
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Support. Haven't even bought a support champion, it is incredibly boring and you get blamed for everything that goes wrong and it is a thankless job if you do win.
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ADC, it just feels so tedious and boring. If I'm not with my friends, jungler is pretty miserable solo.
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ADC because good supports are hard to find

my last game as ADC, our top DC'd so our jungler had to top. my Sona had no idea wtf she was doing. didnt poke, didnt ward, barely ever healed, gave up bush control immediately and permanently. I was MF so it was basically me vs zyra + graves + the kha zix jungler who had a whole jungle to himself and decided to just camp bot lane til victory. it was not a fun match
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Lol at all the people pretending they dont hate anything. i hate support sooo much cause braindead adc blames me for warding and not healing them, gg wp riot nerf pls
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#79MegeasPosted 2/2/2013 10:54:00 AM
Support just cause I do it SO much filling in roles for solo queue and friends. I'm loving thresh now cause more people are playing support and I don't have too. Other wise its one of my best roles just cause I have so much experience doing it. Oh and I have yet seen a corki not feed and be completely useless.

Jungle I don't hate but Ill admit I suck at it. Need to practice more.
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It depends on my mood,

I am always in the mood to play AD carry however.
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