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mistrfantasy posted...
He's completely inferior to blitz. His q is better with its passive and stun classification, but thresh lacks an escape mechanism like blitz's w and his ult is also Meh. He has some nice combos, but they are mostly just gimmicks.

This is so backwards. Blitz' Q is his only ability that is arguably better because it pulls the target in completely and can grab over walls.

Thresh's W gives a damage shield to your entire team and an escape/engage mechanism for your carries, it's better than Blitz's W by a long shot. His E is a little tricky to get down but it has much more utility than Blitz's E. Being able to pull someone in or knock someone away depending on the situation is so much more versatile than Blitz's knock up. The ult situation is tricky, head to head Thresh's is better. It's easier to land it on multiple targets with his ability to pull himself to his targets and a 99% slow for 2 seconds trumps a .5 second silence IMO. On the other hand, Blitz can use his ult a lot more often.

They are both great supports but I think once some of the pro players have had some time to sink into Thresh people are going to start to realize just how powerful he is.
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I love Thresh, but his Q can be tough to land. As has been mentioned though, you're still quite handy even if you can't land your grabs. He hits really hard, his W is just fantastic (make sure your teammates know what it does though), and of all the supports he just has the toughest aesthetic.