Does ruined king become more desireable now?

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BT gives more AD and lifesteal than BORK.

what BORK has going for it is that the proc doesn't actually scale on your offensive stats - you get that 4% damage/2% heal regardless of what your actual AD is.

So it's something you buy on your Shyvana or Volibear to deal acceptable damage without having to buy a pile of AD crap. AD carries still better off with BT.
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BT is also better for AD casters
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Conversely, since it is 4% of the champs CURRENT health, the ruined King becomes less efficient at killing an enemy when they have low health.

If attacking a champion with high health it's great...but when it comes time to kill someone who has 25% I'd rather have the item with a flat damage output (BT).

It just depends where you want to deal most damage. At high HP targets with lots of health (ruined king), targets with low HP (BT)
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If you intentionally forget everything about the game, you could make the argument in the first post.

Let's see. First of all, BT is quite likely to be fully stacked. So you're doing 60 more damage per hit rather than 50. Second, BT boosts skills such as Buckshot, Arcane Shot, Double Up, Bullet Time, etc. while BotRK's passive does not. Third, BT's 60 extra AD is capable of critting, while BotRK's passive will not crit. If you have IE and crit, you're doing 150 damage more--the target would need 3,750 HP (assuming equal resistance) for BotRK to keep up, and that's current HP, not max. Even if you don't have IE, the number is 3,000 HP. Fourth, BT's 8% extra lifesteal will scale with crits and more AD, while BotRK is going to just give back 2% of their current health all game--while this is still in favor of BotRK much of the time, it will tip to BT when you're attacking a bunch of softened-up targets with massive crits.

BotRK isn't terrible since it gives you a kiting assistance active and more HP back per hit than BT alone, but it's overall an inferior item on ranged AD.
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Problems with Botrk

1-Current hp, not max hp
2-Doesn't scale with ability
3-Can't not crit

take one of them out and it could be a decent item against warmog/sunfire stacking, but 2+3 is really killing itself as it doesn't work well with either ad caster or adc with end game build.
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Most champions that built BT before will continue to do so now, BOTRK to me has always seemed like more of an item for tankier champions that can't realistically build a BT easily. That and it's a counter item against health stacking teams, it's basically a Madred's that's worth it.
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Trevorkkho posted...

3-Can't not crit

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mrg59 posted...

tl;dr: Get an education and learn how to read and comprehend more than 4 lines of text. But also, why is RK looked at so terribly compared to BT?