Steel Legion Garen is awesome..

#1LithspPosted 2/2/2013 6:59:27 AM(edited)
..need more of this sort of stuff.

Everything about it is just.. awesome, howcome the Lux one isn't as good?

I feel like Spellthief is better skin, the new particles are pretty cool but yeah, Garen's is just, wow, amazing skin. Could have been legendary and been worth it.

Want Steel Legion J4 next.

Also, anyone jungled Garen to any success? I just managed to melt face with it, but I was on a smurf account playing with a friend who isn't 30 yet.

Wondering whether I should be pulling it out more often. Felt better than I thought it would.
Just bum-rush them with Q. Never gank lanes with CC.