Veigar - what's black and blue (First Montage)

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User Info: Awes0meSause

4 years ago#1
This is my first attempt at a LoL montage with one of my Favourite champions Vaigar

looking for tips and advise

User Info: CAM_mE_iS_Newb

4 years ago#2
too long


4 years ago#3
Don't use intros, just get straight into the video
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User Info: DepressedOtter

4 years ago#4
really boring

User Info: LimeInCoconut

4 years ago#5
Veigar isn't really the best montage champ. Boring to watch.

User Info: Forgettable

4 years ago#6
Oh man, those EWRQ combos in every clip. Too pro.

User Info: SergeantGander

4 years ago#7
That AP Taric.
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User Info: DeadpooL7

4 years ago#8
Yea the main problem is that Veigar doesnt really lend well to highlights. Its jsut the same combo over and over....

Also it kinda seemed like a lot of the time you killed someone and then got killed but cut the video off right before you died.

User Info: iiTryhard

4 years ago#9
IMO Lee Sin is the best montage champ because of his insane skill cap

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