After the nerfs on AP Eve I have been trying AD Eve.

#1orcus_snakePosted 2/2/2013 1:17:26 PM
She is surprisingly strong, even though she lost her amazing old ult passive and stun, she can still output some pretty hefty damage, just dont try to assasinate AD carries unles you forgo flash for exhaust or that could go ugly.

Both Iceborn Gauntlet and Trinity Force are fantastic on her, especially now that TF is MUCH cheaper.

Just remember to rush a GA after TF since you will be going into the dead center of teamfights and being melee AD you will get focused fast, thing is they will spend most of their CDs on your shield and then after that they will want to commit to finishing you off, that is when your team should be raining down death upon them while you wait for the revive on GA, don't get warmogs, you want to actually do damage in order to get focused.

a Black Cleaver is good since your E provides a huge AS steroid and IBG or TF coupled with spammable Qs provide hefty sustained damage. you want a Wriggles which can be sold later for BT.

Tiamat/Hydra is good for splitpushing, remmeber that your mobility and TF grants ridiculous movespeed in roder to get to a fight in a couple of seconds.

Jungle, of course.
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