Birdo, the Belligerent Beauty

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3 years ago#1

Dissatisfied with her lack of a major role in any game since Captain Rainbow, Birdo decided to join the League to prove her place as the most beautiful being of all of Runeterra!

Birdo fights with her ribbon, which she flicks to whip enemies. She has higher range than melee champions but lower range than ranged champions. She is an aggressive fighter and loves to get up and dirty with her enemies.


Attack power: 60
Defense power: 50
Ability power: 70
Difficulty: ???


Passive: Prehistoric Allure -- All nearby enemies facing Birdo have reduced attack damage and ability power.
Q: Ovulate -- Birdo loads her mouth up with her eggs for up to 2 seconds, slowing herself. Upon activating this ability again, she shoots out up to three eggs based on her charge duration (<1 second: 1 egg, <2 second: 2 eggs, 2 seconds: 3 eggs) in the desired direction. Each egg explodes upon contacting an enemy, dealing damage and greatly slowing them.
W: Good Vibrations -- Birdo vibrates in angry lust for several seconds, increasing her movement speed. While vibrating, she lightly damages and stuns all enemies she comes into contact with. At the end of the spell, she becomes exhausted for 1 second, experiencing reduced movement and attack speed.
E: Seductive Whip -- Birdo twirls her hypnotizing ribbon around her, damaging all enemies within range and forcing them to face her (any spells they may have been casting are stopped). The ribbon applies on-hit effects.
R: Birdo's Fabulous Egg -- Birdo unleashes a giant pink-spotted egg that rolls forward, trampling enemies and bouncing off terrain. It damages and slows all enemy minions it rolls over based on its health, but cracks a little every time it contacts an enemy minion or terrain. Upon losing all of its health or hitting an enemy champion, the egg explodes and unleashes Birdo's fantastic perfume, damaging and charming all enemies within its range.
3 years ago#2
This is disturbing.
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3 years ago#3
Except there's gonna be copyright issues, gg wp nerf pls riot
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3 years ago#4
Birdo gives great blow.

She's actually an experienced drug dealer
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3 years ago#5

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3 years ago#6
>Implying Birdo is a girl
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3 years ago#7
Birdo is a guy
3 years ago#8
luigi33 posted...
>Implying Birdo is a girl

>Implying transgender individuals can't be girls
>Implying transgender jokes are funny
3 years ago#9
essprit0591 posted...
luigi33 posted...
>Implying Birdo is a girl

>Implying transgender individuals can't be girls
>Implying transgender jokes are funny

>implying that makes it less disturbing
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3 years ago#10

I have the strangest boner right now.

Something is terribly wrong with me.
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