People don't play Jungle Jarman often enough

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AlmightyHamSandwich posted...
He feels weird to me. I get stuck building damage and tanky and succeeding at neither. Anyone got a good build for him?

My favorite way to go is generally Madred's>Merc's>Wriggle's>Tri-Force>Aegis> Situational defense items. Warmog's and Atma's is a good combo if you have the gold for it, and happen to need armor+damage at the same time. If you need more magic resist, build Aegis into a Bulwark and grab a Maw of Malmotius. That'll usually do you for magic resist. Randuin's Omen is a smart pick if you need to be more of the dedicated tank/peeler. There's honestly a lot of items you can mix and match on Jarvan and get good results.

I use to go the wriggles route but found him being WAY too mana hungry. Spirit stone has proven to be the better option for me.
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