In my placement matches, how bad can 1 loss screw me?

#11kfcguy77Posted 2/3/2013 1:36:01 AM
I went 1 win, 1 loss, 1 win, 2 losses, 1 win, 4 losses, and 1 win. I ended up in silver V.

To be fair, I finished season 2 gold, so that might have influenced things.
#12Xion350Posted 2/3/2013 1:41:32 AM
I had 9 wins and 1 loss on my placement matches. It placed me at 1495 Elo. After a few more games I dipped down to about 1400 Elo, and it placed me in Silver I.

I'm not sure if it placed me based off of my highest Elo or the current Elo.
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#13DeadpooL7Posted 2/3/2013 1:45:53 AM
You can easily get gold if you only lose one match... the thing that can change that is if you were lower last season. Are these your first placement matches?
#14UnderwaterAirPosted 2/3/2013 1:46:39 AM
1 loss sends you down to Elo Hell where you will never recover from again. D:
It just means you won't be placed as highly as you would probably like.

That's all.
No matter which way you slice it you'll both be ending up in Hell!