Graves + Taric too stronk

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fun lane to play but taric is so useless in teamfights that it doesnt seem worth it

You are useful just by being there. You have 2 innate auras in addition to whatever items you bought. Taric soaks a lot of damage, too.

Other than that, be a better Taric. Save your stun for important moments unless you can initiate with it. Autoattack as much as you can to be able to spam your heal.

i just hate not being able to peel for my carry
a single 1.5 second stun isnt too useful when three bruisers are jumping on his face

Three bruisers? Then they're either lacking a support or apc (or adc if they feel confident about a 20 min surrender). Build armor and hp and prioritize thier apc. Now you can deal with the only damage source left very easily. If they lack an adc for some reason, turtle until your adc can carry.

Also, build anti-bruiser support items like the two slows that build from kage's and shureliya's.
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fun lane to play but taric is so useless in teamfights that it doesnt seem worth it

I beg to differ. Taric is a walking buff-machine. Buy a Runic Bulwark and cast your ult and you're putting out:

35 AD
35 AP
40 Armor
30 MRes
10 HPp5
Edit: By my math, that's 3705g worth of stats per ally effected.

To everybody within 1000 units. That's a lot of buffs at once. Not to mention the AoE armor shred, decent burst damage *I've taken 30~50% of a carry's HP away with stun > ult > shatter around mid game*, a heal, being generally tanky, and a point and click stun.

Taric wins fights just by being there.
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I repeat again:
He gives his team a mini baron.
No matter which way you slice it you'll both be ending up in Hell!