Can jungle tryndamere work?

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User Info: Reaper_Minion

4 years ago#21
From: Shadow Edge | Posted: 2/4/2013 8:39:25 AM | #015
From: kirbymuncher | #010
5 armour, 5 AD, a better passive, and a free ward for only 100 gold? it's probably one of the best parts->big item upgrade in the game

You could build that Vamp into a BT, instead of setting back your eventual BT by another 800g.

You don't need a BT until way later. Trynd has other items to prioritize. Wriggle's is a cheap way to get early lifesteal.

From: kourkour | Posted: 2/4/2013 11:39:38 PM | #019
Tryn works jungle just fine, saintvicious has been spamming it during the last few days.

To be fair he's leveling his smurfs and Trynd is free.

User Info: Rookie_Jet

4 years ago#22
I use crit chance reds. I used to use AD reds, but I find the crit chance helps my early clears way more since crits boost his fury much faster in addition to the obvious extra damage. More crits>more heals before you get your lifesteal. I could see crit damage being more useful for late game though I suspect your early game would suffer.

Also, you should Q right before the last hit you have in that camp. That way, you get the maximum benefit of heal + 25 fury going into your next camp.

User Info: refmon

4 years ago#23
There seems to be a lot confusion on runes, it could just be preference but anyone else?
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User Info: Village Idiot

Village Idiot
4 years ago#24
Try Jungle works

You can tower dive and tank turret for your laner like a boss

But as mentioned, he's at his weakest early on before he gets his Wriggles/Life Scepter. He also requires a crapton of farm before he reaches his full potential, farm he won't get jungling.
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