Free Week Rotation: 2/5

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4 years ago#1

Wow, three 450 champs. Way to go Riot.
4 years ago#2
Worst free week ever except Viktor
4 years ago#3
viktor was just free month ago
EL fudge Mph:Africabot LoL:africabot
4 years ago#4
On the bright side I was grinding for Xin anyways now I can play him while grinding him
Jungle Jarven FTW
4 years ago#5
Not a good week. A couple of champions I will try though.
R.I.P. intrepid40 (7/13/08 - 3/28/12)
4 years ago#6
I been waiting for fiora for how long now?
Ah man, read that as MathMurderer- PepTheGreat
4 years ago#7
Nautilus - may give him a shot again
Udyr - 1350ip
Annie - 450ip
Viktor - don't care
Janna - owned
Kayle - owned
Graves - don't play adc
Ryze - 450ip
Xin Zhao - meh
Amumu -1350ip and he's banned constantly so i don't care

horrible free week tbh
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4 years ago#8
Most of these were free 2-5 weeks ago.
4 years ago#9
own all yay
4 years ago#10
Riot sucks.
Rin is mai Waifu
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