Is Backdooring frowned upon?

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Zyx-Whitewind posted...
IndianaJones65 posted...
backdooring is a viable strategy and

And what? Is a viable strategy and... heres a million dollars? Is a viable strategy and... I'm a vampire? It just stops like... oh no. I know what happened! They got him! Stake through the heart! Noooo

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it's Browned upon :)
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Giggity giggity giggity.... allll right.

(Great header! Tibbers gives it two-thumbs up.)
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I'm disappointed it took four pages for a sex joke as well as the actual joke. I would have gone with: "Backdooring is frowned upon by society but can be great fun if done right"
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I didn't bother reading any of it... just liked the header. I have learned over the past week, these boards are taken too seriously.

It would have been nice to see one chocolate surprise joke... not one? *Tsk tsk* I am disappointed in all of you sex-depraved males. I couldn't even have posted this without a serious fit of giggles and trying to keep a straight face? No way in Poppy's Warhammer...

Alright, done! <3
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I would only do it using Yi.
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It's annoying
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only when yi does it
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If it helps you win, why not. Yi is probably the best for the job.
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MC RaZaR posted...
If it helps you win, why not. Yi is probably the best for the job.

I think that notion alone is what spawns so many fail Mastery Yi players.
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