1: "does anybody have Grag, Zyra, or Diana?" (why I play ranked at 5AM)

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Sword_Slasher posted...
I don't know, I just can't comprehend these levels of stupid. Like how can you be born that stupid and get into my game. Why do people this dumb exist

Extrapolating on the time of posting and the topic title, I'd say the event occurred on EUNE servers, which would explain everything.
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US servers
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So let me see if I have this straight.

You are 1. You asked if anyone had a champ you wanted to play, and having priority you would lock their champ before the other team took it. They suddenly did not have the champ they said they did, and thus you were stuck with their pick?

Took me a sec to understand what you were driving at.
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Solo queue rule #7: Never offer to pick something for someone

I would amend this to say, never pick for someone unless you are 100% sure they know what you are talking about

when in doubt, pick for yourself

that amendment is useless because the only time you can be 100% sure is in a duo queue and this is a solo queue rule

get out

I used to have a bunch of heroes I'd buy so that I could do lots of trades in solo queue. After a few people just mercilessly fed with their "perfect counterpicked lanes omg free elo," I felt the practice could have used extensive rework.
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