New PBE update patch notes - IBlitzcrank and Deonair Jayce edition

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4 years ago#21
Guys can we talk about Liandry's?
4 years ago#22
TruHNIC187 posted...
Wow they will completely destroy my teemo with the liandry's nerf. That is so extreme, from 10% to 4% health burn ? geesh :/

Re-read it.

It's going from 5% hp over 3 seconds to 2% hp every 1 second for 3 seconds which equals 6% hp over 3 seconds. It also no longer has the AOE penalty so Mushrooms will hit hard.
4 years ago#23
re-read thank you for clearing that up. It's still hit, but not as hard as I initially thought. thank you!
4 years ago#24
funkedelike posted...
Paranoia2mb posted...
Debonair Jayce top
Marquis Vladimir mid
Almost Prom King Amumu jungle
Mafia Graves AD carry
Gentlemen Cho Gath support

suit up gentlemen it is time for a classy night

superb villain veigar > marquis vlad

Gragas Esq.> both of them
LoL IGN: DxMonster
The night is dark and full of terrors.
4 years ago#25
Ohmwrecker is now a decent choice for supports, that's cool.

What's with the shorter CD on smite for Spirit of the Spectral Wraith? Is it meant to be so that tanky junglers can up their clear times at later levels or something?

Don't like the Glacial Shroud nerf.
4 years ago#26
And here I just bought Customs Blitz. Hnnnnnngh.
This is fact and cannot be disputed.
4 years ago#27
Buffing MR and nerfing Void staff. gg riot
LoL IGN: I Am Zyra. Aphoristic (12:31): all you do is b****
4 years ago#28
Riot must think ap champs are op lol.
When I'm drunk I like to feed the trolls.
4 years ago#29
Kevman510 posted...
Oh lawd that Ohmwrecker change

If only they remove that health regen from it as well as 8 Mana Regen.
then... -15HP regen per 5 and -8 Mana regen per 5.... equivalent to that cost give in more AP or cooldown.... perfect item.
4 years ago#30
So uh...might sound noobish guys but.... my main build is currently quite glass canonish.

Sorc Boots
Mag Pen Tome

Seeing that Im not loosing any CDR... thanks to no nerf on CDR of Morellonomicon.... and Deathcap getting 100 more expensive and 10 AP Loss on Mag Pen tome but 5% more amplification AP on deathcap.... how much do I actually gain or loose here?

Considering I have Flat AP and AP per level glyphs and usual 21(AP)/9/0

Hopefully it should be a gain for me due to 5% more AP.
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