I hate playing support. I win when I play support. ****

#11Master_PwnerPosted 2/4/2013 8:28:49 PM
drifter22 posted...
Support is misunderstood by most people - yes some support can be boring (Soraka) and mostly passive, but others are very fun/active.

2 examples:

Blitz/Alistar/Leona - Kill lanes- banned all the time for a good reason - they're game changers and super fun at that

Lulu/nami/Sona/Janna - poke oriented support. Your job in lane is to make it has hard as you can for the enemy ADC to farm, set up kills if possible and protect your carry. Not boring at all.

In fact a lot of people who play support think ADC is boring since your farming 80-90% of the game for 10-20% action. Whereas support ideally is 50-60% action.

Agreed, I was about to comment about how much fun playing Sona, which is basically my main character in ranked. I just love actually being able to trade a hit with the enemy adc and do more damage than he does ^^