Who is your favorite AP top?

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Disregard crappy list, choose Swain.

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where is singed
this is a terrible list
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only one person mentioned Teemo, gotta go with they annoying boy scout! After that, I'd say Swain (of course, both only gainst the right people) . Heimy is surprisingly fun top as well, just gotta have the right comps on both sides to play that
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No offense, but these are just awful choices.
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I did this off the top of my head, I hate swain and singed and I only ever jungle cho

It was more or less me listing the AP tops I play, and seeing which of those people like
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Ahri or Akali
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How do you leave out Nidalee? No need for damage over time when spears chunk half their health.
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Other - Cho'Gath.

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Singed for sure
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Frost_shock_FTW posted...
Disregard crappy list, choose Swain.

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