Tactics that were useful when you started playing but are now frowned upon

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From: LazyKenny | #027
Backdoor Alistar back when he had his old passive.

oh man I loved that build

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Roaming with alistar/taric/poppy
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Tali_Zorah posted...
Gonna have to go with ranged ADC mid. Back in those days it used to be common to see an Ashe recall and buy at 6, shoot her ulti into mid lane, then teleport into midlane just in time for the ulti to hit, and finish off the enemy.

I miss that. That was always fun. Although I really do miss going MF mid. Even after the meta changed to AP mid, I still took her mid and wrecked face a lot. She has so much damage.
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Doran's blades, super movement speed boots.
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duo top

Worked so well in theory but was not such a good strategy in practice later levels.
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BondedByBlood posted...
duo top

Worked so well in theory but was not such a good strategy in practice later levels.

It works if both the top laners are good other wise it fails.
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#37Hyper InfernoPosted 2/5/2013 12:28:43 PM
Double Mana Manipulator bot lane heals.

Alistar/Nidalee/Taric/Soraka would never ever leave.
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eve 2 weeks ago
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When I play Leage I trilane bot for victories.
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Back when bot lane was the Do-Whatever-You-Want lane

Fun as hell
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